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Vazo: Recoubeau Jansac, France
Bonnen: Cologne, Germany
Hölscher: Leverkusen, Germany

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HOME – is the name of our joint work, which was written in September 2019 and now finds its musical and linguistic expression in the form of a CD.

We – that is Jag Berseghyan and his son Narek Barz from the Armenian ensemble BAMBIR and Dietmar Bonnen, who we met several times in the last 12 years, always for a short time and always in intensive personal, spiritual, creative, musical exchange …

Chia Jen – The hexagram 37 Chia Jen shown on the CD comes from the I Ching and says: When facing any type of difficulty, returning home, to the family, allows us to feel unconditional support. Sometimes the family is the circle of friends.

HOME – this is what we, who come from far away countries and cultures, experienced in our encounters: we understood and supported each other: musically, compositionally, creatively …

Within one week in Cologne our suite was created; we felt that we could access a common knowledge.

Melody – The universe itself is like a melody. In ancient times they used to say that a melody is the essence of creation and the best healer against hatred.

Hölderlin – The connection between the Daoist parables and Hölderlin’s late poems, which he signed with Scardanelli, fits together as a matter of course. Friedrich Hölderlin, whose 250th birthday is commemorated this year, tried, like Laozi and Zhuāngzǐ, to approach nature and man – and his relationship to it – through associative texts.

Personalia – BAMBIR is a music collective and school of thought. Over the last 40 years – starting with Jag Bambir – more than fifty musicians have passed through its ranks. In 2008 at the international art biennial in Gyumri, Armenia, some of the BAMBIR musicians worked for the first time with Dietmar Bonnen, who was invited as part of the artists‘ collective Trio27. This collaboration resulted in the CD »Alexandropol«, a live recording from the city theatre of Gyumri. In the years that followed, they met in different countries to work on and perform musical projects together.


1 Shady Land 10‘24
2 Ներքին լույս 13‘26
3 The Butterfly 5‘58
4 Equinox 8‘10
5 Sad Songs 7‘12
6 Aussicht 10‘17
The Mulberry Tree [Bonus Track]

Music: Jag Barseghyan, Dietmar Bonnen, Narek Barz
including a little melody by George Harrison
Texts: fragments from the Tao Te Ching (44, 47, 56, 80, 81) adapted by Jag,
Friedrich Hölderlin, Bonnen
Jag: vocals, acoustic guitar
Bonnen: vocals, piano, prepared piano, rhodes, electronics, monotron
Barz: vocals, electric guitar, electronics

Recording: Gagga Deistler @ Loft, Cologne September 2019

Mix/Mastering: Deistler/Jag/Bonnen/Barz – Project 69

Concept/Design: trio27/BAMBIR

Hexagramm 37 from the I Ching

In cooperation with the Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan

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