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Vazo: Recoubeau Jansac, France
Bonnen: Cologne, Germany
Hölscher: Leverkusen, Germany

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Liquid Image »Silent Green« by Peter, with a soundtrack by Dietmar.

In April 2016 trio27 travelled to Èze in the south of France to explore the famous path from the mountain to the sea, Friedrich Nietzsche walked up and down every day thinking of »Zarathoustra«. And so we did – but we only stayed 3 days.

Nietzsche stayed in one of the oldest houses of Éze and found inspiration for his third part of »Thus spoke Zarathoustra« while climbing up to the village by the path. „Many hidden corners and quiet heights in the landscape of Nice were sanctified for me by unforgettable moments“, said Friedrich Nieztsche in »Ecce homo« about his first stay on the Riviera from the December 2nd 1883 to April 20th 1884. On the French Riviera, Nietzsche will find the creative emotions necessary to write, „here, I grow on the sun as the plants grow there“, he writes. And in a letter to Peter Gast he adds: „… This splendid plenitude of light has on me a miraculous action“. Éze in particular by the path which takes from Éze station at the seaside to the village, will play a dominating part in his work. In Éze, the philosopher very sensitive to the influence of the climate and the landscapes, regenerates himself. Like many writers, he needs to walk to create. „I could, without having the concept of tiredness, be in the mountains during seven or eight hours of continuation“. I slept well, I laugh much. I was in a perfect condition of patience.“ There, in the middle of olive-trees, euphorbia and holm oak, in the middle of this wild nature, with the Mediterranean in the background and the silhouette of the village. Nietzsche composed some parts of »Thus spoke Zarathoustra« that he qualifies as „the decisive ones“. „The next winter, I found in Nice the third Zarathoustra – and I had thus finished“, he writes adding : „This decisive part which have the name »Old and new tables« was composed during a laborious walk from the station to the Moorish village, built in the rocks.“

In these three days we collected tons of material, photographies, drawings, woodcuts of stones, ready mades, sounds and lots of impressions. At the time we are working on this material to show it to you in the near future.

Proposal for an exhibition setup for the Eze project

In the center of the room(s) we have a video/sound installation consisting of a big screen projection which is surrounded by 3 videos shown on flatscreen monitors. Each of the 4 videos includes a sound track, which is played simultaneously. On the walls we show paintings, drawings and photography, maybe big sheets suspended from the ceiling.

Video »David vs. Goliath« by Dietmar.
Liquid Image »The Long way down« by Peter, soundtrack Dietmar.
»Wind« by Dietmar.
Vazo Drawing
Chemin I
Vazo, Sketchbook, April 2016
Vazo Drawing
Chemin II
Vazo, Sketchbook, April 2016
Chemin III
Vazo, Sketchbook, April 2016
Under Construction

This series starts with the woodcuts Peter created on the steps of the Chemin de Nietzsche in 2016. Vazo added his part in May 2017, when the two met again in Recoubeau. Peter took the small works home, scanned them in high resolution, cleaned them digitally and printed them in DIN A3. Right now it’s Vazos turn to add some more …

Under Construction 1 – 6 Vazo and Peter, May 2017 29,7 × 42 cm, mixed media and woodcut on paper
Frottages de Chemin

Dietmar and Vazo did these frottages on the Nietzsche path together. Back home they worked on them again with mixed media.

Frottages de Chemin 1 – 9 Vazo and Dietmar, August 2017, 174,5 cm x 108 cm, graphite and mixed media on paper

In May 2018 we published a catalogue about our journey to Eze.

Have a look at the catalogue or just download it.